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ZjR - Zeitschrift für junge Religionswissenschaft • ISSN 1862-5886

Willkommen bei der Zeitschrift für junge Religionswissenschaft (ZjR)

The 'Journal for Young Studies of Religion' ("Zeitschrift für junge Religionswissenschaft" - ZjR), founded in 2006, is an international academic online-journal specifically devoted to the Study of Religions, which offers both undergraduates and postgraduates the opportunity to publish articles and book reviews, sharing their ideas and research projects concerning religion and religions. Thereby, they become acquainted to the academic publication process, since the ZjR is a fully peer reviewed academic journal, devoted to common high standards of academic publishing.  The main aim of the journal is to provide a platform for today's and tomorrow's scholars of the discipline of the study of religion as well as challenging, maybe unorthodox, and thought-provoking, new (and therefore: young) theories, methods, perspectives or ideas on a well established area of research, namely religion(s). The ZjR, therefore, must be considered as source, network or platform for the very future of the discipline, as it is its young researchers, ideas, theories and methods. All articles published in ZjR are licenced under a Creative Commons Licence. They are accessible at no charge on this website. Furthermore you can find information about our Aims and Scope and the formal guidelines for submitting manuscripts. 

We hope you enjoy our website.

The editors in chief
(Moritz Klenk, Vanessa Meier, Stefan Schröder)

Annual edition 2014      


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